with Kirill Uyutnov & Ekaterina Vasyagina



Beyond Siberia

For some people, travelling means going to the nearby city while for others it’s going abroad; but we were always fascinated by “the end of the world”. We live in the largest country on Earth. It lies between the Baltic Sea on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east. It lies between Baikal prairies and Arctic ice. No wonder that that’s where we found our end of the world – by the rocky ocean shores, immeasurable tundra and snows reaching into the horizon, deep lakes and volcanic islands. The place where wild animals and untamed nature rage out for miles lies here.

On the east, beyond the Ural Mountains, Siberia, the wild heart of Russia, runs on for miles. You can find there truly amazing and pristine places; but we always sought after what lies beyond. It was not just a longing to go to the end of the world, but also the desire to see the immensity of our country.

Traveling farther, the Far East is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea; beyond there is only the Pacific Ocean and America. The sun rises here first, even before Japan, and moves west to warm up the entire continent.

In the north, past the Arctic Circle, where three quarters of the year the land stays frozen in winter’s grasp and northern lights blaze, lies the Arctic. This place has pulled the bravest explorers and travelers for the recent century, pulling us along.

The exhibit “Beyond Siberia” shows the beauty of Russia’s nature. Yamal and Taymyr, Kolyma and Yakutiya, Baikal and Kuril Islands – these are just a small part of all the places we visited during the recent years. Everyone who wants to see the end of the world can go with us to these amazing places! During our journeys, we teach to care and preserve the nature in order to keep the opportunity for future generations to admire it as well. We organize photo expeditions to hard-to-reach places in Russia, so that everyone could experience in some ways the pristine and formidable nature of this country.

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